Quite simply, if it grows out of the ground Dr Treegood has you covered. We are able assist in all aspects of tree and garden maintenance.

Here are some examples of our work covering essential aspects of arboriculture. They demonstrate the level of skill and care that the team at Dr Treegood applies to every job that they undertake.

With our fleet of trucks and specialised arboriculture equipment, there is no task too difficult or too large.

We love a challenge and are here to serve you.

Tree Transplantation

This tree transplantation was carried out for Bankstown Hospital. The tree's seeds came from the Gallipoli memorial garden. We dug carefully around the root structure to ensure that the tree remained healthy and then transplanted it to a new location keeping all roots intact.

View Pruning

View pruning and canopy thinning can add much to the value of your home by enhancing views and increasing the amount of light your home captures. It can also protect your home from potential storm damage. Look at the difference in this Sydney harbour vista.

Tree Removal

Dr Treegood are experts at tree removal and are fully equipped and insured for your piece of mind. Our skilled staff can access difficult locations using the right tools to ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding landscape. All waste materials are taken away.

Root Investigation

Root investigation is one of our specialties. Tree roots can potentially cross boundaries causing property damage. We can trace the source of roots to individual trees in the vicinity to determine whether trees need to be removed or roots shortened to avoid any future damage.

Tree Reports/Assessments

If you are unsure about whether to remove trees on your premises, or are worried about the health of the foliage, we can conduct a thorough assessment of the trees concerned to provide a report on the best course of action for you.

Tree Protection

Tree protection is essential in areas where trees are not to be cultivated or removed. In this example the tree root structure was actually supporting the wall of the pit in the excavation. If the tree was removed there would be a risk of the wall collapsing.